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Create a beautiful space to remember your loved one(s) with our personalized Memorial Garden Set. Includes a Memorial Garden Slate, planting instructions, and a seed pack to plant a garden in memory of your loved one.


⦁ We use outdoor natural slate that is safe for outdoor use or can be displayed in your home.

⦁ Each slate is professionally printed using the UV printing process, no vinyl or paint is used with our products. The colors of the UV-cured inks are much sharper than the colors that are printed using traditional printing methods.

⦁With our UV-printed slate, they are weatherproof and fare well outdoors thanks to the UV coating and curing inks.


⦁ One 5" x 6" x .20" slate

⦁ Personalized seed pack with high-quality perennial wildflower mix

⦁ Planting instructions

⦁ Gift box


⦁Add item to cart

⦁In the personalization box, add the first name of loved one to be included on the seed packet if desired

⦁Check out and complete your purchase


Butterfly Milkweed, Calendula, Cornflower, Plains Coreopsis, Cosmos, Foxglove , California poppy, Perennial Gaillardia, Annual Babys Breath, Dwarf Sunflower, Sweet alyssum, Perennial Lupine, Black Eyed Susan, Scarlet Sage, African Marigold, Crimson Clover, Nasturtium, and Zinnia.

⦁Slate is a naturally occurring substance and varies from edge to edge since the surface is defined by a natural cleft

Loved Ones May Leave This World, Memorial Garden Gift Set, Sympathy Gift, Grave

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